C & H Surplus

BTW, I was just looking through my C & H catalog after responding
to Ed Sonderman's question about HVDC Filter caps, and I ran
across the panel mount AMP meters with a 0 - 5 amp range (stock#  
MT9350, price $10.00) with the face plate ranged from 0 - 50 amps
(requires a 10:1 current transformer). 

This meter would not be too bad when matched up to the AC Current
Transformer available from Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. PO BOX 12685,
LAKE PARK, FL 33403-0685> Tel: 407-848-8236, fax: 407-844-8764.

The AC current transformer from MPJ&A (stock# 3955-TR, price
$8.95) has a ratio of 60A/5A or 12:1. 

This will work for a high current panel ammeter for under $20.00,
though of course the current transformer has a 12:1 ratio instead
of the exact 10:1 ratio that the meter face plate is ranged for.
At this price you could make up a conversion chart to be placed
next to the meter, or repaint or replace the graduations on the
meter face.

Just a thought.

Richard Quick

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