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TE>Subject:  Jacobs Ladder/Tesal Discahrge

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TE>Another aspect of Jacobs Ladder/VS Tesla discharge:

TE>        The classical Jacobs ladder will occur at DC or LF AC.  It occurs
TE>        between two electrodes (I ASSume all know the shape....).  It is an 

I have made a good ladder using an arc welder, it will stretch an
arc to over 4 inches, with lots of heat (funny that)

TE>        A spark is more a single shot event, a single breakdown.  A stream o

TE>        sparks can follow each other "continuously", but each should see
TE>        (essentially) "fresh air.

A spark can be sustained for some time by it's "internal energy"
continously reaching out and causing ionisation ahead of itself
and then reach into this "low resistance" air, and in the process
heats the air and be carried somewhat upward in a similar way to
the JL.

TE>        A Jacobs ladder discharge (or other arc) actually has a fairly low
TE>        voltage across it.

In the case of the arc welder, very low.

TE>        Both arc and spark ar "plasma", in different forms.  There are many
TE>        different sorts of plasma...


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