Re: 120 or 240 faq log new old

You are right, Richard.  That is a lot of 440VAC rated caps.  I was just 
looking at them today in the C&H catalog.  I'm envisioning a disconnect
box that I can plug into the dryer outlet.  The one I have is on a 30A
breaker.  I have one 60ma and two 30ma 12000v neons.  Would it work to
parallel the two 30ma's together and then series that pair to the 60ma?
Sounds hairy.  Think I will look for another 12K/60 just for simplicity.
Are pfc caps in series or parallel to the neon primary?  And if I needed
140-145uF with 120VAC, What do I need with 240VAC?
So much to learn.


Mark R. Napier