Oil for capacitors

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I am having trouble finding mineral oil in less than 55 gals.  If I do find
some, do I want regular food grade mineral oil?  About 9 or 10 viscosity I
think.  If I can get a couple of gallons of transformer oil from a
transformer shop is that better?
Thanks, Ed Sonderman

[Here's something from the archives, perhaps it applies and is useful.
 Feel free to offer other info though.

  For everyone's information, if your interested Transformer oil can be had
 in small quantities. The American Radio Relay League sometime ago, did a
 study on insulating/cooling oils for a RF dummy load they were designing.
 They discovered that Transformer oil can't be bought in anything less than
 55 gal. drums, BUT that Transformer oil is re-packaged and sold as Turbine
 oil. Its marketed under the name of REGAL OIL R&O #46 by the Texaco oil

  I comes in 5 gal. cans and sells for about $22.00 for 5 gal. I've used this
 oil in all my capacitors etc. and have had no problems at all. At least for
 myself, its cheaper than mineral oil.

                                   Mark Graalman TCBA #1399