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 NTAC> OK all, 

 NTAC> I'd like to pick your brains about optimal tuning for coils. When
 NTAC> does one find that the optimal secondary sparks occur? (A) When the
 NTAC> system is  tuned at low power (no secondary discharge)? (B) The system
 NTAC> is only  optimally tuned when the coil is run at a given power level
 NTAC> (tuning is a  function of power level)? (C) none of the above. I can't
 NTAC> exactly say what I  mean by "optimal" sparks because I'm not sure if
 NTAC> one gets fatter or longer or  brighter discharges when the tuning is
 NTAC> optimized. 

  MG> Not a simply answered question, in reality "B" in the above is most
  correct. It's a combination of best"sound" from the main gap, brightest
  core in the discharge spark, and longest discharge.
 NTAC> The point behind all of this is that I've been wondering how much 
 NTAC> the discharge's capacitance changes the tuning of the coil. This
 NTAC> probably  isn't a very simple problem from a theoretical point of view
 NTAC> since the  capacitance chages in time as the discharge progresses
 NTAC> outward. But, I  would just like to have people's observations of their
 NTAC> own coil(s). 
  MG> It's been my findings that the typical secondary resonant point drops
  in frequency about 10-20 Khz. depending on the length and number of 
  discharges from the secondary terminal.
  Mark Graalman
 NTAC> Thanks
 NTAC> -Ed Harris(another Ed)

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