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 ES> Richard,

 ES> You asked me some questions on my transformer disassembly project
 ES> recently. Apparently my reply to you was undelivered.  I received 
 ES> a message from the system that said so.  Here it is again.

 ES> Richard,

 ES> There was no pfc capacitor inside, I meant to tell you this.

Those xfmr guys were trying to steer you wrong!

 ES> This transformer did work when I got it but I did something real
 ES> stupid 

You don't have a monopoly on this. 

 ES> and apparently got water in it when I cleaned it up and painted 
 ES> it. Then it quit working - even after I dried it out.

Water and Tesla components do not mix...

 ES> I was very unhappy to loose this one after it took me about a 
 ES> month to find it. I started with this one because it was the 
 ES> only bad one I had.

 ES> Good news --  It is unpotted, dried out and it works!!  I am 
 ES> very pleased. Now I need to build a new housing to put it in.
 ES> Thanks,  Ed

Well I won't say that it works all of the time, but it does work a
lot of the time... You can see how a few hours of work, and dealing 
with a little mess, can net you a working core.

You don't really need to put it in a new housing. In fact you are
probably better off just leaving it like it is, maybe put a couple 
of coats of polyurethane over the windings.

Richard Quick

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