Tesla Video

 KS> Yes, I got the tape..It is fantastic!!! You certainly have   
 KS> done a lot of research on the experiments of Tesla.  

Thanks for the complements!

 KS> Back to my question on sparks, Why is the spark from a       
 KS> Jacobs ladder fuzzy and the spark from your coil sharp.      
 KS> They are both plasma.  

Current vs Voltage. The Jacob's ladder is a slowly rising plasma
channel heated with high current. Little "plasmoids" break off
due to thermal rise, and the metal rail electrodes ionize some
and give the arc a little color and body.

Tesla discharge on the other hand is a high-voltage, high-
frequency dielectric (air) breakdown. The sparks, as you can see
on the video, can easily break down several feet of air while
exciting the nitrogen electron shell, but there is relatively
little heat and current. 

 KS> The other thing I noticed was that you discharged the coil   
 KS> through a hot stick once.  You were standing on a block, so  
 KS> I know you were insulated, but where did the charge go?      
 KS> Best regards as usual. Ken Stewart  919-662-9313 9353
 KS> (1:151/147) 

Clean RF Tesla discharge radiates off the surface of the body.
You will see florescent bulbs nearby brighten and dim as the
current flows and ebbs.

Richard Quick

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