Tesla Video

I have been asked to do some cross posting from the FIDO Electronics
international echo. RQ 

- Area: Electronics Echo ------------------------------------------------
  Date: 01-31-95  
  From: Ken Stewart                          
    To: Richard Quick                                              
  Subj: Tesla Video
Yes, I got the tape..It is fantastic!!! You certainly have done a lot of
research on the experiments of Tesla.  Back to my question on sparks,
Why is the spark from a Jacobs ladder fuzzy and the spark from your coil
sharp.  They are both plasma.  The other thing I noticed was that you
discharged the coil through a hot stick once.  You were standing on a
block, so I know you were insulated, but where did the charge go?  Best
regards as usual. Ken Stewart 919-662-9313, 9353  (1:151/147)
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