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 ES> Richard,

 ES> I don't know if you ever got my reply on this.  It keeps     
 ES> coming back as undelivered mail.

First time I have seen it.

 ES> As I mentioned before, I have a 12kv 60ma and a 12kv 120ma
 ES> transformer. Because they are unequal, I will need to run    
 ES> each off of 120v - probably using two separate circuits.  If 
 ES> I ever want to run these off of 240v I need to get another   
 ES> 12kv 60ma transformer and parellel the other 60ma and then   
 ES> connect those in series with the 120ma transformer - yes? 

Yes. That is correct.

 ES> A new question:  I found a good deal on 120volt 10amp        
 ES> variacs and had to buy three ($10.00 each!).  Any way to use 
 ES> these in parallel?  

Yes. You can gang variacs provided the cores are set up so that a
single continous shaft can be run through the centers of all the
units in the gang; and all the variacs to be ganged have matched
windings. In my large power cabinet I have two 28 amp powerstats
ganged on a common shaft for a paralleled thruput of 56 amps.

 ES> I could run both of my transformers with pfc correction and  
 ES> be just over 20 amps.  

That would work just fine.

 ES> I have also found a 120 volt 41amp variac that I could get
 ES> for $75.00 and a 240 volt variac at 40 amps for probably     
 ES> $125.00.  I haven't decided on these yet. Wish I had lots of 
 ES> money. :-)  

I don't know what you wanbt to hear, but that is an excellent
price on the 240 volt variac. I would snatch that one up at the
very least.

Richard Quick

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