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 RJ> Yeah, me again.  I have the PVC cut for my two caps and      
 RJ> secondary coil. After looking at the piece I cut for the     
 RJ> secondary coil I noticed some really deep scratches (the PVC 
 RJ> for the caps are fine) will this affect things any?  

After I rough cut the secondary coil form, I wet sand the coil
form with some #150 wet/dry paper and then let it dry throughly
under a heatlamp for at least a day. The wet sanding will remove
mold release compound (usually silicone) used in the manufacture.
The mold release compound will interfere with the adhesion of the 
polyurethane sealer. In addition to removing the mold release
compound, wet sanding also removes: impacted dirt, dyes used to
print on (or mark) the material, white chalky UV oxidation if the
material was stored outdoors uncovered for any length of time,
(and) minor defects in the material. As long as we are talking
scratches, not gouges, things will be fine. Sealing up the coil
form with several heavy layers of polyurethane before winding
will fill in most minor dings, scratches, and defects that did
not sand out.

You are using the thin wall PVC "drain" pipe right?

 RJ> I still need to call Cope Plastics and price a 8" dia, 60"   
 RJ> long piece of acrylic tubing. 

Go ahead and call them. Just hold your breath, and be sure to sit
down, before they quote you a price. Then let the breath out
slowly. I would bet they want in excess of $20.00 a foot for this
material, or about $100.00 for the length.

Richard Quick

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