more Tesla...

 RJ> What gauge magnet wire did you use for your 6" diameter      
 RJ> coil, and how tall was it?  

That coil was wound with #21, double Formvar enamel insulated
magnet wire and the winding length is about 30 inches. When I go
to wind a replacement for that coil the replacement will be: 6.25
inch diameter PVC plastic "drain" pipe (same as before) wound
with #22 double Formvar magnet wire, about 900 turns, for a
winding length of about 24 inches. The actual coil form will be
about 27 inches long, so there will be a space at the bottom to
mount the ground plate.

 RJ> Oh yeah, one more thing, where did you get the               
 RJ> polyethelene(sp) for the caps.  

Cope Plastics in the Knox Industrial Court, they're in the local
phone book.

 RJ> Heh, I did a journal entry for my independent study          
 RJ> electronics class about my adventures Saturday and my        
 RJ> electronics teacher couldnt belive it, he was interested in  
 RJ> borrowing that video you made, i'll try to get him to buy
 RJ> one from ya.  Ryan Jester

That's a nice complement: you must have said some nice things
about the stuff I showed you. BTW, be sure to document your coil
building and firing on video, or a least take some snapshots.

Richard Quick

... If all else fails... Throw another megavolt across it!

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