> From: Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com
 > Subject: Tesla power

 > I still have not fired my new coil but expect to in the next   
 > day or two. Once I get it tuned at low power, can I just keep  
 > adding more power (transformers)?  

Within limits I do not see why not.

 > A circuit question - I understand it is recommended to use a   
 > variac and bring the power up slowly.  My spark gap doesn't    
 > fire until the variac is up to about 75%.  

You should be able to either adjust your gaps, or adjust the
number of gaps, to get a wider range of breakdown voltages.

 > If everything is linear that would be about 9kv.  Does this    
 > sound right?  

I don't think spark gaps are entirely linear, but you would be
close enough for (Clinton) government work.

 > Once I get the coil tuned, can I eliminate the variac?  It     
 > won't be able to handle all the transformers anyway. 
 > Thanks,  Ed Sonderman

How much capacitance would you be using that would suck up the
output of a 2.8kVA power supply? Also, if these are new
capacitors that took considerable time and expense to build, why
would you want to "throw the kitchen sink" at them until they
have had some weeks (or even months) to settle in? This kind of
treatment is brutal on the capacitor: it can even cause marginal 
commercial caps to "make smoke".

Richard Quick

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