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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 17:02:00 -0500
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Subject: Re: Tesla Video

Yes I did receive the video the other day.  Thank you.  Also thanks for your
comments on my schematic.  Very impressive!  You obviously have been coiling
for several years.  It shows in your design, setup and of course the massive
discharges.  You also have a great collection of equipment.  It looks like
this hobby has replaced old car restoration?
I believe I read somewhere that high voltage discharges are equal to about
70kv/inch - depending on temperature and humidity.  Is this about right?  If
so, your 132" discharge is equal to about 9 million volts!!
In watching the video and reading some recent postings I think I will
encounter some problems with my spark gaps and my toroid discharger.  Again,
I have a 6.0" dia coil complete, 2 cylindrical spark gaps with 105cfm fans,
one 12kv 60ma and one 12kv 120ma neon (2.1kva max), one .019 mfd rolled
capacitor (one more under construction) and I am working on the primary coil
form now.  It is 8.0" dia at the bottom and 25.0" dia at the top, wound with
3/8" copper tubing at 30 degrees.  From what I've seen on your tape and read
recently, I think I will need a much larger discharger - like maybe 24.0"
dia.  I noticed you got much better performance with your vacuum gap than you
did with the cylindrical gaps.  I may need to build one.
What do you think?
I also have a question about the line filter on the 120v side of the neons.
 You said it needs to be grounded to the breaker box ground.  I would think
it should be grounded to the system RF ground.
Thanks,  Ed Sonderman
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