Sorry I have been a little short lately.  Thanks for the reply.
There are hazards to operating a T-coil and pointing out the 
potential dangers is probably the best way to keep people healthy.
I do appreciate your concern and have an open mind to hearing
what other people think.  I have never put a geiger counter to a T-coil
before and could be interesting to see if there is an indication
of particulate emission.  For the UV hazard, proper protection is
cheap and readily available from any welding supply house or possibly
a surplus store.  RF is present at the short distance the operator
is usually positioned and a faraday cage is about the only device
that can be used to counteract that problem.  To be honest,
I am more concerned about the day to day emissions that I am subject
to by police radar, my computer screen, and my place of employment
than I am about the short, infrequent blasts from my coil.  Tesla
lived to be a ripe old age and died of natural causes.  I find that
fact amazing and testimony to the lack of harmful emissions from
T-coils.  The photos of Tesla and his photographer (Mr Alley) sitting
inside the coil with sparks flying about are double exposure.  They
surely would have been electrocuted had the photos been real.
Electrocution is a hazard on larger coils.  But anyone that would
undertake the project of constructing a coil big enough to kill should
already have enough electrical background to be aware of these hazards
without being told.  The one biggest hazard, and it cannot be taught,
is to use common sense.  To sum it up, Welders make a 40 hour a week
career out of looking at UV.  Yes as a group they do have eye problems
later in life, but look at the amount of exposure they are subject to.
People make careers running radio transmitters.  There are some health
related problems that are tied to that profession too.  While I'm
sure a granola bar is probably more healthy than my coil, its not
as much fun.

Happy Holidays!