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> I just finished unpotting another transformer(15k30ma)and when
> I test it one terminal works but the other side I lost the HV 
> lead any suggestions in finding it?

Look harder? I am sorry, I had to. The answer really is look
harder. The HV lead comes right out of the top of the winding.

> Also between the winding that works and primary there isnt a 
> very powerful magnetic field but on the side where the lead is 
> lost there's avery powerful field. Any Idea why? 

No, not without more info.

> Also how would I remove the HV winding from the core it seems 
> to be one piece. 

The core has to come apart at some point. Usually there is a
rivet that can be drilled or ground off, sometimes a bolt with a
nut. There is some means to disassemble the core because the
windings are wound on bobbins and are installed after they are
wound, they are not wound directly on the core.

> PS THANKs for your help I'm learning. I want to have a power 
> supply before I begin a coil.

You are going exactly the right thing for a beginner. I realize
it is a lot of work, but: you learn hands on, this is cheaper,
it will better your understanding of transformers in general, and
neons in particular, it keeps you off the streets at night. :-)

Happiest of Holidays!

Richard Quick

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