Plexi vs PVC

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> I have been wanting to build a 6" coil using a length of pvc 
> which I have had for some time. However, RQs instructions 
> suggest that a) PVC is a poor choice, b) a lot of drying and 
> sealing is required.

> I have access to a 5.25" length of plexiglass tube. Whilst the
> diameter is smaller, would I still get a coil which will be 
> expandable (ie. usable with bigger power supplies)?

Yes, you can load a hefty toroid on a 5.25 inch coil and pump a
few kVA through it.

> Also (to Richard mainly), if I use plexiglass, what shortcuts 
> if any can I take with drying and sealing?

All of the shortcuts. All you have to do is wind on the wire and
slop a couple of coats of sealer on top. There us usually no need
to sand, wash, dry or seal before winding. I just wipe down with
a clean cloth dampened with a little alcohol to remove dirt and
oil. As soon as the alcohol evaporates (about 30 seconds) you are
ready to wind.

Richard Quick

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