Re: HV cap ver 1.1


The standard industry device for discharging HV power supplies before 
reaching in with flesh and blood consists of a 2 foot length of 1/2" 
solid acrylic rod with a 2" diameter steel hook (a half circle) screwed 
into one end.  The base of the hook (the end in the plastic) has a 
length of stranded cable usually in clear insulation attached to it.  
The other end of the wire is permanantly grounded.  You grab the end of 
the plastic rod and touch the hook to EVERYTHING before touching 
ANYTHING yourself.



>Back to the original question fellow coilers.
>What is a good instrument to use for discharging caps
>in tesla tanks?  How about it Richard, Ed, Chip, Malcom,
>Scott, and others with working lab coils, what do you use?