Re: signal generators

Hi all,
        I've read with interest the various techniques for negating
the effects of generator impedances. Here's another idea, although
I admit to not having tried this in practice. You could direct
inject signal into the grounded lead of your coil by running the
lead through a small ferrite core which has a primary of as many turns
as you can fit on it. The primary in turn is then fed by the signal
generator. It is in effect a current to voltage transformer and
should greatly reduce the effects of loading on the generator. I'll
try it myself at some stage as I've only just thought about it while
reading the various posts. Comments on the idea are most welcome.
    One final comment from me - you need to be absolutely certain that
your generator in combination with the primary inductance does not
produce an unwelcome resonance. Terminating the generator or using
it in series with some resistance may assist with this.