>The conversation worked it's way around to RF grounds and ground
>> Also, should I then replace the braided ground wire for my 
>> secondary with something solid or stranded? (Chip)
>  > The lowest resistance conductor you can find is best! 
>  > Also as short a run of the conductor as possible.
>  > I will use an 8 foot earth rod directly underneath the         
>  > secondary. The base of L2 will be literally soldered to the    
>  > earth rod. I reccomend drilling a hole in the garage
>  > floor, and hammering that sucker as deep as you can....just    
>  > where you want it!  :)  Just ideas.........

Well, mabye a few extra rods. The soil here has so much iron in
it that you can pick it up with a magnet and is very moist.
Could this help conductivity.

>A single 8 foot earthed rod is woefully insufficient for a 5 kVA
>Tesla setup....

I kind of liked the old buried plate idea. I could still do that
if I cant find smewhere to run indoors (unlikley) I actually have a
battered old 20m coil of flashing. No good for caps, but an earth....
The posting is interesting.