Re: Magnifiers


>This is basically how a Tesla Magnifier works. The
>primary/secondary acts as a narrow band signal generator,
>processing the line power into a high-voltage RF current which is
>delivered to the base of a tuned 1/4 wave tertiary coil via RF
>transmission line.

Yeah, ok I wasnt very clear. I know that the secondary circuit is
physically isolated from the primary . Just a slip, I often think
of 'isolation transformer', when I think of 1:1 turns ratio trans
formers.:) My point was that a Tesla tank allready has high voltage RF
current, and that a 1:1 transformation or at least a low transformer
ratio between the primary and secondary could provide a much higher
base current to 'stimulate' the tertiary than the standard 1:10-20
ratio. Do you know the lowest voltage that could properly resonate
the tertiary?   

>What about the node on top of the 1/4 wave resonator? Does it not
>count? There are nodes (though not so clearly defined) in

Can you clarify the 'top node' more? I allways just called it the 
'peak'. Ive allway thought that the 'peak' end of the resonator was 
was very important ! :)
The top of a magnifier driver, as far as I know, can be imagined as
a 'supercharged earth', but in reality the whole secondary is referenced
to RF ground. So what Ime saying, is that if ratio of the voltage rises
between secondary and tertiary are increased, by decreasing the turns
ratio of the primary there will be the additional advantage of greater
potential difference between the ends of the resonator, at least so far  
as the tertiary is closer to ground. How do you think a higher ratio
of voltage between the secondary and tertiary would effect tertiary Q?
> I have done my fair
>share of fairly large scale and off-beat coil designs. The ones
>that work are at least crudely documented by Tesla, the others
>just don't work... Not to belittle you, more power to your spark!

Well, thats not to say that my off beat ideas are all the same as
yours! But then most of my off-beat ideas remain 'ideas':)or dont 
work either! The big attraction of magnifiers to me, is that they kind 
of ly just inside the border off off-beat science. The 'standard' Tesla coil 
is a fascinating device and I'me sure to build many more and larger, but
its all pretty 'bugged out' now and but magnifiers arent ! :) I like the
'proven but not fully opimised' sort of feel. :)  
>Do you mean aspect ratios? Ratios of turns (i.e. transformation
>ratios)? If you could be a bit more specific it would help.

Yep,turns ratio. 
My current Magnifier secondary has an aspect ratio of about 1:1.3 with 120 turns
With the one Ime currenty ($lowly) peicing together, I might go a little
lower to 1:1. The most expensive part left to buy is the 3 18m rolls that
I have to buy. Something like $70 per roll! I guess thats $10-$20 less US. 
A big $30 composting bin will make a nice form!