That's some good efficiency you're getting there.  If I'm not mistaken, it's 
close to Richard Hull's magnifiers in that power range.  I'd like to know the 
particulars of the primary for my records.  Vpri, Cp, Lp, gap type, and rep 
rate.  Thanks a mill.


> MG> Glenn, my current big coil is bifilar wound with two 24 ga wires. This
> MG> winding is approximately equal in surface area to an 18 ga. wire.
> MG> The main reason I did it is because I had a TON on 24 gauge wire on
> MG> hand. It works fine, I get 8 foot point to point discharges outside
> MG> in the driveway at a power input of 5kva.
> MG> The coil is 8 1/2" in diameter and the winding length is 30" at about
> MG> 750 turns, with a 6X36" torus on top. (130 Khz.)
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