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TE>Subject:  New Tesla Book

TE>From richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org Tue Aug  8 01:12 MDT 1995

TE>Remember guys, I spend my money so you don't have to...

We might not want to now !

TE>I paid $40.00 for a book titled:


TE>written and published by Thomas W. Lee, 8329 E. San Salvador Dr.
TE>Scottsdale, AZ  85258  USA

TE>This book was advertised by flyer enclosed with the last issue of


TE>The self publishing shows, with typos on every other page, poor
TE>quality photostatic reproduction, in a nice hardcover binding.

TE>methods we regularly cover here. I guarantee our systems to be
TE>more energy efficient and longer lasting.

TE>The example of a "high-performance" coil system uses a machine
TE>shop nightmare of two nested acrylic tubes. The secondary winding
TE>is on the smaller inside tube, the larger diameter outside tube
TE>keeps the winding submerged in MINERAL OIL! (Polyurethane has

Where does the polyurethane come in Richard ?

TE>Coupled to this gasketed nightmare is a tiny, tiny, primary
TE>inductance. Seven or eight close wound turns are wound directly
TE>on the outer acrylic tube...

TE>I will let you know more when my stomach settles....

Was there any rationale for all this complexity ? What is the
claimed performance ?

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