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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Some questions re: designing a roll around cart for my coil. 
 ES> Do I want any particular height above ground?  I need enough 
 ES> room to fit the capacitor and spark gaps with their cover    
 ES> boxes, including room to remove the covers without taking    
 ES> the rotary for instance out of it's shelf.  This will only   
 ES> require the top to be about 28" from the ground.
 ES> Is there any reason to go higher, say to 3.0 ft?  The higher 
 ES> it is the less stable it will be. 

Generally speaking, as long as you are off of the floor by the
same height as the secondary is long, you are avoiding most of
the inductive effects of the ground. This rule pretty much covers
medium powered 1/4 wave coils. On lowered powered coils the field
flux is weaker and these coils may be placed closer to the ground
without problems. You just want to be sure that the field flux
does not couple into the concrete, earth, etc..

 ES> It seems that I will need to wrap strike shields around the  
 ES> sides of the cart to protect the capacitor and gaps.  Did    
 ES> you find this necessary? 

I sure did!

 ES> I don't know how keen I am about running this thing outside. 
 ES> But, I am somwhat concerned about neighbors. Probably none   
 ES> of my neighbors know what I'm doing at this time.  

You will know your neighbors better than I. Some people are best
left "in the dark" if you know what I mean. People with a more
progressive attitude can be acclaimated to the fact the
Frankenstein is alive and well, and living next door.

The best bet if you are going to be firing in the open is to be
open about it. Approach those neigbors who might be disturbed and
explain what they will be seeing. Assure them there is no cause
for alarm. Ask them to contact you if they are concerned or
disturbed. Be pleasant!

Richard Quick

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