Cart for coil



Some questions re: designing a roll around cart for my coil.  Do I want any
particular height above ground?  I need enough room to fit the capacitor and
spark gaps with their cover boxes, including room to remove the covers
without taking the rotary for instance out of it's shelf.  This will only
require the top to be about 28" from the ground.  Is there any reason to go
higher, say to 3.0 ft?  The higher it is the less stable it will be.

It seems that I will need to wrap strike shields around the sides of the cart
to protect the capacitor and gaps.  Did you find this necessary?

I don't know how keen I am about running this thing outside.  I want to try
it for sure to get an idea how it reacts with all the room it needs to run
without hitting anything.  But, I am somwhat concerned about neighbors.
 Probably none of my neighbors know what I'm doing at this time.  Once I get
this thing moved and reset up, I will be committed to running it only outside
- kind of like on public display..  My nearest neighbors that would be able
to see it are about 1/4 to 1/2 mile away.  There is also a main road (busy 2
lane) about 1/3 mile away and it should be quite visible from there.  Can I
expect routine visits from the fire department?

Ed Sonderman