Re: Plasma Displays

RQ> Ed Harris;

RQ> I have re-read your post on plasma displays several times. I
RQ> found the work on creating a display with a balloon was very
RQ> interesting.

	Thanks, and I hope some people can try out something similar, and 
improve upon the idea.

RQ> This is exactly the type of work which would make a fine paper
RQ> for submission to Harry Goldman for the TCBA publication "NEWS"
RQ> If you could take a few photos, describe the apparatus in a one
RQ> or two page brief, and submit the paper and photos I am sure you
RQ> would be accepted for publication. Harry sends out complementary
RQ> issues to any member who submits papers accepted for publication.

	I used to subscribe to TCBA and liked it but it's a bit pricey. I 
would consider writing up the idea, but I don't have access to a good 
camera and have little experience in taking good "discharge" photos. If you 
think a words only write-up would suffice, then I could do that. I wasn't,
however, under the impression that there was even much interst on this 
group ( Chip wasn't even sure it was appropo ) as only you and Bill 
have commented. 

RQ> Given the quality of the members in the group here, we should all
RQ> be in print more often in the TCBA NEWS. I am working on a short
RQ> paper about RF grounds to be submitted in the next few weeks.

RQ> Richard Quick 

	Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I'll write it up ( there's not 
really much to it) and send it along to Harry. By the way is he still at 
3 AMy Lane, Queensbury, NY?

-Ed HArris