New rotary wheel

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 ES> I tried it at lower power first, with the welder set at its lowest
 ES> setting. Best performance was obtained with the speed up about the
 ES> same rate that I used to run the rotary with 8 electrodes.  Then I
 ES> cranked the welder up to full power and fired the coil again.  We 
 ES> now have major thick blue bolts that hit everything in sight - and
 ES> frequently.  I was very surprised to look down at the meter and see 
 ES> the primary pig current way up - swinging back and forth between 35 
 ES> and 45 amps!!  The highest I could get before was 23 amps. 

Well, well well. That just shot you into the big leagues.

 ES> This thing is producing major power. 

I would imagine so. You are bumping between 8 - 10 kVA. That is an 
amazing amount of power through a six inch diameter secondary coil.

 ES> I can't tell how long the discharges are because my basement is 
 ES> too small.  It is kind of scary to sit at the controls about 12 
 ES> feet from the coil and not flinch when the discharges start coming 
 ES> my way.  They mostly want to hit the floor joists, heat ducts, water 
 ES> pipes and the wire strike shields that I have all over the ceiling. 

Do you think that coil will hit your goal of 72 inch strikes once it
has enough space around it?

Richard Quick

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