Re: Rotary gap

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>Ed wrote:
>> Mark suggested that if I'm not going to increase the size of my rotary 
>> gap...
>What are the dimensions of your wheel?  What size motor are you 
>using (horsepower, max RPM)?  If it's a variable speed DC motor, how 
>are you getting the DC (simple rectified AC, rectified and filtered,
> I'm working on building a rotary gap and these are things that will help 
>me decide what to look for and what to do.
>Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)


The rotary wheel is 10.0" in diameter.  It is made of 3/8" lexan and mounted
directly on the motor shaft.  The electrodes are 1/4" x 20 stainless steel
acorn nuts mounted with external tooth lock washers in 1/2" from the outside
of the wheel.  The motor is a 1/2 hp rated at 10,000 rpm which is too high
but I could not find a 5,000 rpm motor.  It is a universal wound motor which
has separate armature and field windings and can be ran on AC or DC.  I use
straight AC with two variacs in series.  One limits the maximum rpm and the
other I use to slowly bring it up to speed.

Ed Sonderman