Pole pig

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RQ>AJ> Would someone please explain what a pole pig is. I have been 
RQ>AJ> seeing this term a lot here, and I kept hoping I could       
RQ>AJ> figure it out without having to ask. But I haven't figured   
RQ>AJ> it out yet. 

RQ>A pole pig is a commercial power distribution transformer. These
RQ>are the big "cans" sitting on top of utility poles. They got the
RQ>nick-name "pigs" from the guys at the salvage yards. The older

I kinda thought it was a distribution transformer after reading all
the messages concerning them and wanted to make sure. I think I will
hold off about getting one of these for awhile, though. My family is
starting to think I'm kinda crazy and all I'm using is a very small
neon transformer. They would think I had flipped if I dragged up a pole
pig :-)

RQ>Hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to

Helps a lot. Thanks, Richard. And I got a million questions, you may
get tired of answering them, though.


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