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The circuit breakers that are clearly labled 20 amps and did not trip at 35
and 45 amps are Square D.  They were installed when the house was built about
8 years ago.  I always thought they were a reputable manufacturer.

I completed the construction today on my wheeled cart for the coil with a
storage shelf underneath for the capacitor and the spark gaps  -  making some
progress toward getting outside.

As you know, I have been only using two eight foot ground rods thus far,
which I soak for about 45 minutes before firing the coil.  For the new
outside location, I plan to install three rods in an area that has a french
drain that drains water from the backyard.  It is usually damp at least on
the surface.  I am also planning on installing one ground some distance away
as a ground for the 60 cycle - RF filters, variac cases, etc.  Do you think
one rod is sufficient for this?  I would think so.  How much distance from
the main RF ground rods do you think I need?

Ed Sonderman
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