Re: New rotary wheel

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 ES> The circuit breakers that are clearly labled 20 amps and did 
 ES> not trip at 35 and 45 amps are Square D.  

Humm. I will check mine this weekend. I threw a whole box away
with breakers for the reason we are discussing, I replaced the
box and breakers with a top quality brand. Let me check the names
and I will get back with you.

 ES> I am also planning on installing one ground some distance    
 ES> away as a ground for the 60 cycle - RF filters, variac       
 ES> cases, etc.  Do you think one rod is sufficient for this?  


 ES> How much distance from the main RF ground rods do you think
 ES> I need? 

20-30 feet of earth will damp most of the RF out so that it will
not be conducted back to the 60 cycle ground rod.

Richard Quick

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