Toroids and Toroid Mounts

More info on toroids from the archives:

Mike McCarty quoting Richard Quick:
> Considering the time, money, and performance; by far the best way
> to obtain toroids is to build them from scratch. Basically we are
> looking for a fairly smooth ring or donut shape that has a flat
> plate mounted in the center. The entire surface needs to be
> conductive. As long as these simple guidelines are met, any way
> you can build one will work fine; but generally there are several
> approaches.
I used a piece of corrugated drain tubing but instead of covering 
it with tape to smooth it I covered it with wallboard joint
compound, baked it, and sanded it down. (I'm a use what ya got
type of guy).  I then shot some primer on it and covered it
with 2 inch aluminum HVAC tape.  I cut a disc of 1/8" aluminum
for the center.

Mike McCarty
From: chip (Chip Atkinson)
Subject: Another toroid construction method.


A couple of weeks ago I built a toroid for my new coil (that will be 
finished in 97 or so, given as much time as I have).  I found a fairly 
cheap way of building it and it looks fairly decent.  


two aluminum pie pans.  These are the type that are not foil, but are 
lighter in weight than something that you would buy for baking.  

Aluminum drier hose. 

Aluminum solder.  I got this at a welding supply company for about $7.50 per 
pound.  It takes a little skill to use, but works pretty well.  Note:  This
stuff also sticks to copper, so you can make Cu-Al solder joints.

Solder the pie plates back to back so that they look like >-< in cross 
section.  Form the drier hose into the toroid shape and test fit to 
ensure that the ends touch when wrapped around the V formed at the edge of 
the pie plate assembly.  When everything looks good, start soldering the 
hose to the pie plates until you meet at the starting point.  Then solder
the ends of the hose together.  In cross section, the finished toroid will
look somewhat like this O>-<O  

Notes:  The aluminum solder melts at a fairly high temperature, so you should
experiment on something expendable first.  I can use lead-tin solder just
fine, but this stuff is a challenge (but worth it).