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Yet Tesla was exceeding these voltages, (and RMS amps too I would
guess) in 1899 with wooden coil forms and gutta-percha insulated
wire, using no more than .12 microfarads tank capacitance shock
excited at 60kV. To my knowledge Tesla's 9.5 MV peak -at- 1100 RMS
amps in the helix still stands as a record 96 years later.

No doubt. More energy for it's own sake is not what these
scientists are on about. They are using their setups to acheive
a specified end which doesn't require such high powers.

In Tesla's case the art form still transcends theoretical science
despite nearly 100 years of advancement in the later.

But Tesla was aware even if not mathmatically, the fundamentals
of the science he was doing. He was a strange and lonely man with
only his work to lift his spirit, who knows what heights he
really acheived all those years ago in his coil work ? He may
have gone much higher than the figures you quote.

 JO> The art as I see it is a learned appreciation of the
 JO> materials and some parts of the construction and is separate
 JO> from the actual determination of the various quantities
 JO> involved (capacitance, inductance etc) and their
 JO> relationships.

I would maintain that the proficient coiler can reach a point
where most common Tesla coil configurations would require no
calculations whatsoever. I would agree that you do not get to
this level of proficiency without doing a fair share of
calculations, yet still I would maintain that it is possible to
achieve this level of proficiency by pure experimentation and

All I'm saying is that we are not all gurus and as such must fall
back on something. For example it pains me to think that if I
don't posess the "art" then I'm not going to get anywhere very
quickly. Actually right now and for a while yet I'm stuck well
and truly in my armchair since I don't have a way to breakout and
become a coiler. Armchair critics have always pissed me off and I
hope not to become on of those. My ideas are my own and I don't
set out to intentionally annoy anyone.

All interesting stuff Richard, thanks for your efforts and mail.
Some of which we haven't heard before :-)

Jim Oliver <jim.oliver-at-welcom.gen.nz> (3:771/370)

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