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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Richard,

 ES> Is it necessary (or possible) to use power factor correction
 ES> capacitors with pole transformers?  How efficient are these
 ES> transformers?  Since the power companies use them I would    
 ES> guess about 90%. 

These transformers are over 90% efficient. Remember Tesla
balanced a lot of factors, including transformer core mass and
efficiency, before he settled on 60 cycle.

In Tesla applications there is no need to power factor correct
when using non-shunted step-up xfmrs. Typical non-shunted step-up
transformers include: plate, potential, and pole type. The
reduction in current draw when pfc capacitors are used with these
transformers in this application is so slight as to make pfc
capacitors unwarranted.

In large distribution systems, and in some industrial and
commercial applications, power factor correction capacitors are
used conjunction with shell wound pole transformers. 

Richard Quick

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