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TE>Quoting Ed Harris:

TE> EH> Hi all,
TE> EH> I was looking over the notes on building polyethylene
TE> EH> capacitors in Chip's FAQ and I was puzzled by something.
TE> EH> I believe Richard comments that after the mineral oil is
TE> EH> added and one pumps the cap with a vacuum pump, the cap will
TE> EH> "outgas" for quite some time. In fact, it seems that
TE> EH> Richard says they will contine to outgas to some
TE> EH> degree for as long as he has has patience to pump.

TE>I don't think those are my words. The file you are looking at is
TE>most probably from a Texas coiler by the name of Bert Pool. Bert
TE>and I have  some differences of opinion reagrding capacitors,
TE>vocalized when we met a couple of years back at Richard Hulls'
TE>lab in Virginia.

TE> EH> What is outgassing? The oil,or the poly?

The term "outgassing" normally refers to the process of removing
entrapped air by applying a vacuum. The entrapped air expands
greatly with the vacuum and "fizzes" out during the vacuuming.
The oil displaces the air, the oil can't expand, when the vacuum
is released and the process repeated all the air can be drawn
out. It must be done several times to remove all the air.

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