Update on AC meters

I don't know how many of you have been looking for a good AC amp meter but I
have tried just about everywhere and haven't had much luck.  I have been
looking for a 0 to 30 or 40 AC amp meter to monitor my primary transformer
current.  I finally found a 0 to 20 A meter at Fair Radio Sales and ordered
one.  When I received it, it did not work.  They gave me credit but don't
have any more.

Last week I was looking at a surplus electrical supply store here in town and
found a 0 to 75 amp AC meter which is really a 0 to 5 A meter with a 0 - 75 A
scale.  I also found a 50/5 current transformer.  So I relabled the meter and
now I have a 0 - 50 A meter.  I paid them $5.00 each for those and for a 0 -
300 V AC volt meter - brand new (all panel mount meters).  I also got a 220 V
AC 30 amp disconnect box for $5.00.  I need this as I will soon be hooking up
my new (used) pole transformers and want to run them off 240 V AC.

It does pay to shop the junk stores.

Ed Sonderman