>Well, I scored well at the ham fest.  I got an oscilloscope, a frequency 
>counter, and a square wave generator (0-1Mhz), all for $80!  I also
>got a 0-300V meter, and a 0-5A RF (thermocouple type) ammeter.
	ummmm.  Just a meter marked T/c or a complete rig?  USUALLY the
	"sensor" is remote, a separate unit.  The meter, if just a meter may
	well be "just a meter", needing an external transducer.  (heater
	plus thermocouple).  If the complet rig is there, the heaters have
	a tendency to be fragile, easily blown by too much current...

[Rather than send a new message... Based on the lug size, and the fact that
 there is more than a galvanometer in the case, I think it's a complete unit.
 (the case is clear)
  Chip ]

>Last night I observed aninteresting phenomenon that seems like it must be
>resonance.  I connected the red connector on the generator (can't say positive
>for ac :-)) to one end of a new secondary that I am slowly working on, and the
>other end I connected to the oscilloscope probe.  As I worked through the
>frequencies, I noticed some interesting wave forms on the scope -- they weren't
>regular sine waves, but looked like a sine wave with various amplitudes. 
	Could be different resonant frequencies.  Could also be that the coil
	was "overloading" the generator, forcing it to misbehave....

Metering references...
My favorite is a two volume set, but unobtainable, nearly so why tease.

Good general reference is
	Electrical Engineers Handbook.

Couple of publisher's put them out, the one here is from McGraw-Hill,
Fink & Beatty editors.  Chapter 3 is meters/measurements...