Greetings all,

Well, I scored well at the ham fest.  I got an oscilloscope, a frequency 
counter, and a square wave generator (0-1Mhz), all for $80!  I also
got a 0-300V meter, and a 0-5A RF (thermocouple type) ammeter.
 Last night I observed an
interesting phenomenon that seems like it must be resonance.  I connected
the red connector on the generator (can't say positive for ac :-)) to one
end of a new secondary that I am slowly working on, and the other end I 
connected to the oscilloscope probe.  As I worked through the frequencies,
I noticed some interesting wave forms on the scope -- they weren't regular
sine waves, but looked like a sine wave with various amplitudes.  Then, as I 
continued adjusting the frequency, I got a very nice regular sine wave.  As I 
increased the frequency, the amplitude of the wave increased up to a point.  
Then the amplitude started decreasing.  This appears to me to be some sort
of resonance, but the weird thing is that the frequency was 1KHz.  I expected
about 4KHz, but found no resonance points there, or at least no "broad peaks".

I guess the next step will be to put the counter on the system being tested
so that I can "calculate" other resonance points.  Then I'll see what happens
with the primary circuit when I get the primary circuit built.

Any tips anyone cares to offer?