CA> Subject: Re: Tuning
 >>> Zounds, that must be a LARGE coil to tune in at 1KHz!  Is    
 >>> that frequency correct?

 CA> You would think it is big, but it's only 4"x20" with about   
 CA> 950 turns. I  expected about 4KHz, but there is nothing      
 CA> significant on the scope at that approximate frequency.  
 CA> I'm not sure what is going on.   Chip

Can't be. You must mean 400 kHz or 400,000 Hertz resonate
frequency. I have a coil with specs that are close to yours, and
the resonate frequency is 412.7 kHz

Richard Quick

[Right you are.  I meant 400 kHz.  Cihp the typist ]

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