Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

> > My Father-in-law once mentioned that he saw a TV show where a Tesla
> > coil was used to direct an arc through glass leaving an artistic 
> > pattern. I have been looking and looking for information on this.
> > Does anybody know about this or have any information?
> > 

> Sir,
> 	I saw the show your father-in-law mentioned.  It was called Bill 
> Nuy the Science Guy and the featured an artist who used a Tesla coil to 
> fuse paint with glass to create exotic art images.  The effects were very 
> interesting.  The system he used generated over 1 million volts and he 
> stood some 8-10 feet away.

Thanks for the response.
Do you remember any details? Did he just pour paint on a sheet of glass 
and then zap it with the arc from the Tesla coil?
Larry Calvert

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