Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

Some years ago, I was fascinated by the Tesla inventions, and remember 
researching all the possible info I could on Tesla. I can recall that
I concluded that he was a very brilliant person, because of his invention
of the alternating current motor. I tried to find out, as I dug into the
few articles what the electrical size of the fields, and the frequency that
Tesla must have used to generate such a force to light up a bank of light
bulbs, miles away from the source. (If indeed he done this) Some of the
knowledge I accumlated, was that he blew up the Colorado Springs public
generated by the amount of energy he consumed. 
  A story that he powered a Colorado Springs street car, (remotely) by trans
mitting the energy from some source to a receiver he had in a suitcase inside
of the street car.
  All the articles I read, suggested that he had fallen onto a method to 
transmit large amounts of energy thru the air, for at least a few miles, 
which was frankly a remarkable feat, (if indeed this is true), because of
the resistance for transmitting thru the air by present methods of measureing
is on the order of many magnitudes of transmitting the same energy over a
given distance in electrical conductors.
   In the idea of the above was accomplished, I pursued the notion of 
frequency and voltage is necessary to transmit mega power thru the air. The
voltage can be guessed at because he produced witnessed lightning over a 
known distance. It still remains a mystery to me at what frequency and the
antenna dimensions to produce the proper magnetic or electical fields for
transmission and reception.
   I feel one only needs to experiment to obtain empirical data 
adequated to construct practical equipment for commercial applications.
   I found out one more thing which could be important to researchers,
and that is all his papers were given to an ex colorado governor, Big ed,
but I cant remember his full name. I think Gov Johnson, who is dead, but
I think, his wife or estate could account for them.
   I had hoped to pen the above info and edit in to a public acceptable
writing for csn.tesla, but I know I will never have the courage to share
such info publically. If you fell led, you can do so, but I cant be 
responsible for any of this info. I have a poor memory, and am not a good
reasearcher, I was simply very interested at the time with a few books 
available at a local library.  Good luck Tesla fan.

                                  Your Tesla fan in Denver

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