All-seeing eye and EM CNS effects

 I am sure I read once that Tesla mentioned the possibility of an "all-
seeing eye" and that some people think he was predicting the development
of Television. I think he might have been referring to something like
radio imaging (using invisible frequencies as light to see by, using
equipment to view them). Radio Telescopes, Venus mapping, night vision,
and radar are examples of this. I think it might be possible to "see
through walls" this way, since radio waves obviously penetrate them. Also,
it should be possible to "see" things on the other side of the world
using short waves, though I'm sure they'd have to be BIG things (bigger
than the wavelength used). Any thoughts on this?
 Tesla also mentioned the idea of using EM fields to alter moods,
specifically suggesting using them to stimulate students in school. I
find this very intriguing, yet I have been looking everywhere for a
demonstration of this effect. At this point, I am baffled by the apparent
lack of effects of electrical fields on the nervous system. After all,
doesn't electricity play as big a part in sensation as chemistry? Why
should narcotics affect the nervous system so powerfully, yet there is no
electrical counterpart to this type of phenomenon?
 I am new to this group and I hope these are not too off topic, ie
offensively pseudoscientific. I admit they are weird but if they are
ridiculous, I want to know why [they are impossible].

-Bill N2QMU vimx-at-delphi-dot-com

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