Re: Tesla coils & artistic glass

Buster, it's my understanding that most e/m theory won't help anyway. 
>From my reading of Tesla, he saw things a lot differently. And as he seem 
to have an understanding of e/m theory, I think he was on to something 

He claimed that the electricity to light the bank of light bulbs was 
flowing through the earth, not the air. He mentioned back around 1900 
that the transmission of electric power by radio waves would be very 
difficult. He estimated wave lengths much shorter than microwaves.

He also claimed that electricity was NOT electrons and that electricity 
travels faster than the speed of light. Hertzian waves through the 
air was an inefficient method of sending information, he preferred to 
send through the earth.

Since he clearly understood how to make induction motors, generators and 
transmission lines for 60 hz, he patented these devices, he had something 
else in mind.

It's just been a matter of time, you will probably discover how to 
transmit the power, you and a lot of others. It's just the proper time.


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