>> From the information given in the guide, I was able to make some 
>> simple adjustments to my coil setup and now I'm getting 15" sparks 
>> from a 10kV, 80mA supply (up from 8" just last week)! 

That's quite an improvement.  What were these adjustments?  Perhaps
they would be useful to others.
What is the size of the secondary that you are using?  I would like to 
know so that I can roughly compare what I should be getting from my coil.

>> It seems that if you can pump enough power into the system to 
>> drive it, the larger the output terminal, the better your results will be (tip 
>> from Hull's "Guide to the CSN")

That's interesting.  I saw on the magnifier video that they put a huge
toroid on a coil to keep the sparks from coming off so that the the power
would go entirely into the extra coil.  I will have to experiment with
a larger toriod on my coil and see what happens.