Re: wire length, clarification

>>> That is: a one meter wire will be resonant
>>> at 4 meters.  (call it 70 MHz, roughly...).  But.  Take that same wire
>>> and wind it onto a single layer coil.  It Now "looks" "longer".  It will
>>> now resonate at (roughly) 2 meters (call it 144 MHz...8)>>). 
A) I didn't know that.  In fact, I have never heard it.  Perhaps that is why
my second coil never gave a spark more than 1/4" long.  So what you are 
saying is in essence that one should wind a coil with a length of wire 
approximately 1/8 the wavelength of the desired frequency?

B) If the wire "looks longer", wouldn't that make it resonate at 8 meters and