Re: transformers...

> Methinks something was not happening as expected.  60 
> (real) amps (or 60 out of phase amps) would trip the breaker REAL 

I was only drawing an arc for a second or two, and one electrician I 
spoke with (my brother-in-law) said that depending on the type of 
breakers you have, they could take up to a few seconds to trip, even 
with that kind of current draw.  I recently got a current transformer that 
I'm going to use to re-check this value, but I haven't had the chance to 

> Re: DC coil...What was used for current limiting?

He was using a bunch of microwave oven transformer secondaries in 
series on the high-voltage side of things as inductors to limit the 

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)