Packet: TYRELL
Date: 05-28-94 (10:52)             Number: 0
From: CSHIELDS                     Refer#: 12
Subj: progress                       Conf: (0) Email
Hello all,

        I just about have everything I need for my coil project.  What I
am looking for now is flat end caps for the 6" PVC drain pipe, to make
the jugs for the capacitors.  The pipe is no problem, but those end caps
seem to be elusive.

        I have my secondary complete, all coated out with polyurethane.
I also coated 2 2'x2' plywood boards for the base and upper deck, and
laid out the space for the primary coil on the upper deck. The spark gap
assy is pretty much ready to go. It is a piece of 1/4" Lexan plastic
with oblong holes drilled down the center to mount the 1" dia 3" long
copper tube gaps. To start I'll use 7 gaps, using a post card to make
the gaps even.

Craig  cshields-at-tyrell-dot-net
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