Re: curious

I received the caps I've been waiting for. They are some of those Sprague
"hockey puck" jobs. They are some kind of cast resin or something. 
I have been in touch with Gary Legel. He has been quite helpful. Just reading 
his article in the newsletter was helpful. He is a really nice guy. He lives 
near my girlfriend's mother. He said I could come by and see his coils next
time I'm in the area.
Besides miscelaneous wire stuff, all I need now is a safety gap set-up and 
I can temp this rig together and see if it is going to work. Oops! I forgot
I still don't have material for the primary. Do you know of a cheap source
of berylium copper strip? I called the one place I found so far and they 
want $35.00 just for set-up. Their price is $20.00 a pound. Maybe I'll
stick with regular copper this time.

Thanks for the response, Chip.