Re: caps

Hi Craig,
       Mark here. 
So you are saying that a DC cap is good for about a quarter of its rated voltagein an AC circuit.
I am planning (at this point) to use 4 30KVDC in parallel with a 12KV neon 
transformer. Four 30KVDC capacitors that is. I'm using a software package 
by John Couture that produced the parameters I'm working with. You put in the 
wattage rating of the transformer and it gives you back the RMS voltage of that
transformer. The RMS voltage is not the voltage rating on the spec plate.

That voltage is a peak voltage.

So which one do you apply to figure out this problem?
I'm not sure. Right now I'm going with the RMS voltage, but I have not heard
anything definitive yet. I'd like to hear anything you come across, of course.

More later, Mark Napier