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~>>>>I would appreciate seeing a description of the materials used  and
~steps involved in building your own capacitor (Do you use aluminum
~foil for the electrodes?<<<<
     Aluminum flashing from Payless lumberyard.  14" wide 10 mil thick
     and cut 93" long ( it comes in rolls).

>>> Where do you get the polyethylene?<<<

I found a plastics supply place here in Kansas City called Cadillac
Plastic.  They have several locations nationwide.  Any plastics supply
house will have what is needed.  2 sheets 4' x 8' 60 mil (.060) thick
low density polyethylene sheet. Clear (not black).  They cost about $20
each.  Two sheets is enough to make 3 capacitors.  One sheet minimum.
The sheets are cut into 3 16" wide, 8' long strips.  2 strips of poly
and two of flashing rolled together make one capacitor.

>>> How do you exclude air from the layers? etc...).<<<

A tank is made from 6" pvc drain pipe and flat end caps.  Tank holds
your poly/aluminum cap and is filled with mineral oil.  The oil seeps in
gradually, so it has to be maintained for the first couple weeks as air
slowly comes out. Keeping the thing covered in oil is the point.

>>> Chip uses a vacuum pump for one step (a luxury item which I don't
have access to) and I would be interested to see if there are less
involved methods of making a decent capacitor.<<<

A vacuum pump is not really needed.  Time is needed for the air to come
up from the cap, but a vacuum pump would make things faster.  Even with
a pump, all the air will never come out.

>>Also, I don't remember who brought up the TCBOR video, but I would
be interested in hearing what they say about capacitor construction,

All the above construction hints come direct from the TCBOR video.  If
you want to make a cap like this, GET THE VIDEO!  It's a good deal.
Very helpful.

Chip-  Excellent secondary form! That sounds maximum good. I have
wondered how to make a "air wound" type coil form.  Yours sounds most
worthy. Maybe you don't have enough transformer voltage? How's the spark

I operate a BBS here in KC.  Anyone who cares to can call
in, leave me a note, and I'll set you up.  913-371-3228 24 hrs 28800
baud. I have several Tesla coil design programs, and a lot of
stuff about Tesla and alternative energy, free energy.....lots of neat

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