Re: phase

The transformers are all 15000v.  There are two 60ma and 3 30ma transformers.
I made sure that they are all in phase.  I made sure that they are definitely
in phase.  

That's the same type I am planning to build.  How did you gauge the
spacing between the pipes?  Is your gap snapping and sparking well or
does it buzz?

>>> For the spark gap, I used a rotary wire brush in a drill to clean up the
>>> pipes.  Then I used a clamp arrangement to hold the pipe.  This provides
>>> some adjustment capabilities.  The clamps are little pieces of wood that 
>>> stick inside of the pipe and have screws in the middle:

#    |   ____ Bottom of Tube____

The # is a little block of wood to support the back of the little wood 
piece, and the | is the screw to hold the thing down.  
I used the old automotive feeler gauge to set the gaps.  The gap is a 
"snappy buzz". (How's that for a non-answer?)  It doesn't hum with the 
60Hz buzz, but, because of the closeness of the pipe pieces, the sparks
are not loud snaps.

>>> From what I have taken in so far, it's either too tightly coupled with
>>> the primary, or there is some type of dead short, like moisture or
>>> something.
Perhaps the primary needs reworking.  One thing too is that once the insulation
on the wires is burned through, it will always spark.